Hi! My name is J. Morgan Woodall and I'm an indie author who writes adult fantasy and sci-fi. So far, I have published three books. My first , "The Devil In The Detail."  my second one, "Like A Fox On The Run." and my third one, "A Time Apart."

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 A differently ever after


This book seemed to capture real life. Discontent with what he has, contemplating life, wondering why, fleeting moment of true happiness, sadness, surprise and a totally unexpected ending.


Although I suppose the ending was not so unexpected, life is most certainly not what is expected.


"I'm in awed and impressed!! This story has it all ... suspense, bravery, daring, danger, love interests, many steamy sexy scenes, and "the chase". It is just enough to keep my interests and make me want to read more! I especially like the funny bantering between Tiger and his pal Jocko. That part of the story took me away with some laughters thus recharging me for more of "fox pursuing" thereafter. I was surprise at the ending because I wasn't ready for it to end because I want more of the story!"

"Unexpectedly I love this book!!"


"He sees her in a bar, the most beautiful, sexy, female he's ever laid his eyes on. Every male in the place is vying for her attention, but she singles him out. He cannot understand why, such a beautiful woman would choose him. They end up in his apartment having the most mind blowing sex he could ever dream of having.
But she has a secret, a very big secret, she reveals her true self to him. The story then takes another twist, as he reveals his true self to her.
A supernatural tale of Hell and Heaven."

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