Hi! My name is J. Morgan Woodall and I'm an indie author who writes adult fantasy and sci-fi. My books include the "The Devil in the Detail," "Like a Fox on the Run," "A Time Apart," "Southern Born, Southern Bled," and "Li'l Red."

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Iva Belle Hood: With their parents gone, she’s the strongest of the Hood children, even though she’s barely eighteen. She’s determined to hold the family together and see that it survives, no matter what it takes

Cole Wolfe: The Wolfe’s middle child. He disappeared from the mountains a while back, and it was rumored by some he might even be dead, a victim of the same gangland violence that took his father’s life. He and Iva Belle crushed on each other as kids, but their affections for each other were discouraged by their families. But … they’ve both grown up now

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"J Morgan Woodall has done it again!! He has given us another well written story."

"This was one of the best vampire books I've ever read! I am not one for reading vampires, however this was the book for me! J Morgan Woodall brought all the excitement I was looking for. I absolutely loved all the characters, especially Seth he was my favorite! This book had me laughing, cussing and crying."

"The depth of character given in the book makes the entire cast seem significant and important. I can't decide who my favorite character is. Kurt makes me root for him as an underdog but Nick makes me feel naughty and excited."

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"A differently ever after!"

"This love story is one I can’t help but wish truly exists."

"By the end of the book, I was shocked and wrung out emotionally. I cried for all of them and a little bit for myself because I was at the end."

"This book seemed to capture real life. Discontent with what he has, contemplating life, wondering why, fleeting moment of true happiness, sadness, surprise and a totally unexpected ending."

"Although I suppose the ending was not so unexpected, life is most certainly not what is expected."

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"I'm in awed and impressed!! This story has it all ... suspense, bravery, daring, danger, love interests, many steamy sexy scenes, and "the chase". It is just enough to keep my interests and make me want to read more!"

"Climb aboard and buckle up for this amazingly sexy, non-stop action, crazy ass ride through the universe with pilot Tiger Thomas as he tries to save Amber, a half human, half fox lab experiment from the people who created her and now want to kill her. Definitely a must read!"

" I can’t believe that it was left on such a cliffhanger and I am going to be anticipating the next book."

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"This story takes twists and turns I never would have expected but it’s incredibly sexy and stimulating."

" I love the way this author's mind thinks. His stories are absolutely superb and detailed. If you like erotic, out of the norm stories, you will love this one."

"These characters, flawless and definitely not what you are expecting. The erotica....nth degree hot and steamy illustrating a storyline you can’t see coming until you are buried in it. A perfect burst of extreme hotness."

" If it were a paperback, I'd be using it to fan myself! J Morgan Woodall sure knows how to turn up the heat and keep you turning those pages!"

Thanks to these wonderful ladies who do a marvelous job of pimping my books on Facebook! I don't know what I'd do without you!