Tiger Thomas was a rocket pilot during the Great Space Rush. Now, all that’s winding down, and so has the demand for old Spacers. He makes a living now doing whatever jobs he can, legal and not-so-legal.


Back Earthside for a weekend, Tiger hopes to relax, eat some decent food, maybe see his old flame, Lulah. But when he rescues a genetically engineered, anthropomorphic fox girl from rapacious rednecks, his homecoming turns sour.


Somebody wants this sexy, furry fluff back. And they’ll do whatever it takes, including killing anyone who stands in their way. Tiger and his newfound companion soon find themselves on the run. And if that ain’t bad enough, revelations about this beautiful vixen start to disturb him. Is she really a victim? Is there more to her? A part hidden and dangerous, waiting for the right time to manifest itself.


Then, there’s Lulah. As if that relationship wasn’t complicated enough.


So much for a relaxing weekend.

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