About J Morgan Woodall

Hi, everyone! I'm J Morgan Woodall!


I'm an author who resides in the Birmingham, Alabama area.  I enjoy writing adult fantasy and sci-fi, but my works cross all genres. from action and adventure to romance and erotica and everything in between. I like to write about aliens, cyborgs, demons, elves, fairies, furries and all sorts of fantastic creatures, but with the slight twist of the good ol' boy spin. It's like all barbeque meat tastes the same. It's the rub or the sauce that sets it apart. The one common thread through in all my writings is the distinct Southern flavor I add. I hope my little bit of rub is just enough to make it finger-looking' good! Because I've always been told, write what you know, and good or bad, I know life below the Mason-Dixon.


As for me personally, I'm happily married to a beautiful wife and the love of my life. I have two great step-kids, and a lazy ol' dog ( the very reason I picked him at the shelter). I guess people would say  I'm living the dream and I probably couldn't argue.


When I'm not writing, I am reading, listening to good music (which leaves out a lot of today's stuff), going to the movies with the family or travelling around trying to broaden my horizons. My favorite reads are true crime, action/ adventure, fantasy, space westerns,  military history and erotica. I am a closet fan of steam and dieselpunk and would love to one day write in those genres. Besides reading, one of my most passionate hobbies is collecting cookie jars; I have over a hundred vintage jars now and still going.


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My Bucket List ...

10) Own an Appleman cookie jar


9) Visit Key West


8) Watching Boise State play on the smurf turf.


7) Hunting wild boar 


6) Going to a Saints game


5) Drinking coffee in Seattle


4) Watching the Cubs play a day game at Wrigley Field.


3) Alaskan Cruise


2) Hawaiian Vacation


1) See Australia