Short Stories

On this page, you'll find links to short stories I've written, many of them free. Just click on the links to download them, and of course, I hope you enjoy!

‘Twas the night before Christmas … and the Naughty List was about to get busy … Forget everything you were ever taught about Santa, the North Pole and his legendary workshop. It’s all just lies told to hide the real truth and gloss over the debauchery and decadence that runs rampant at that remote outpost of dreams in the Frozen North. Santa Claus? Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick? He’s not the fat, jovial old soul of myth. He’s a silver-tongued devil with six-pack abs who looks more like Sam Elliot than he does a bearded old wino. He flies a rocket sled and dresses like a steampunk flier. And it isn’t cookies and milk he wants waiting for him under the tree. It’s naughty soccer moms. And what’s going on back at the North Pole while Santa is delivering his “goods?” After a year of working hard, making toys for all the good girls and boys, those randy little elves are celebrating another successful year. Drinking. Carousing. Feasting. It’s just what they do. And they do it well. It's this surreal world that Tennessee hillbilly, Joe Bob Hendershot finds himself thrust into after being hit by Santa’s sled. Taken back to the North Pole by Santa to receive medical attention, he soon discovers he’s not in a wholesome, made-for-TV Christmas special. In fact, he couldn’t be further from it. From elf strippers and a lonely and needy Mrs. Claus to a blue-skinned sorceress that has more to her than meets the eye, Joe Bob is about to experience a Christmas he will never forget. Oh, and if oversexed elves and horny wives weren’t enough to keep him occupied, he becomes embroiled in a diabolical conspiracy against Ol’ Kris Kringle himself! “Naughty Babes in Toyland” continues the tradition of annual holiday erotica started two years ago by J. Morgan Woodall with “The Christmas That Santa Came.” This is, by far, the naughtiest one yet. You’ll never look at Christmas, Santa and his elves, or a peppermint stick the same again.

Three hot stories for the price of one!

A woman is never sexier than when she’s a goddess giving life … At six months along, Chris Connor’s pregnant wife, Caitlin was in dire need of some attention … and she was about to get all she could handle. But not from Chris … Office Christmas parties suck if you're the only one sober in attendance. They also suck if you're the only one sober and you're six months’ pregnant. They really suck if you're the only one sober, six months’ pregnant AND your husband is the life of the party. Such was the lot of Caitlin O'Connor, whose husband Chris, worked for a prestigious Nashville law firm and was fresh off a high-profile victory in a celebrity paternity suit. While Chris wanted to enjoy his moment in the sun, all Caitlin wanted to do was go home, get horizontal and take a load off her feet. But she also understood it was Chris' night and a good wife stands by her man, even when he doesn't always reciprocate. Pregnancy always brings change to a relationship, and with Caitlin and Chris, it had not necessarily been for the better. He'd never been keen on having kids and was growing more and more distant as her term progressed. This left young Caitlin in a quandary. For her hormones had her craving physical gratification like she'd never experienced before and his aloof behavior could not be happening at a worse time. She needed desperately what he was no longer interested in giving, and it was driving her wild with insatiable lust. Maybe it was the hormones that she was feeling when she first looked into the eyes of Joseph Goldbaum, the new guy at the firm. Maybe it was the loneliness and neglect. Maybe it was a combination of both. Rugged, handsome and rakishly charming, she finds Joe delightful, sexy and gentlemanly … even for a Yankee. But the reality of it all is she's a married woman, pregnant with another man's child and Joe is her husband’s friend. How much more complicated could it get than that? Even if you do suspect your own husband is cheating, do two wrongs make a right? And besides ... guys like Joe, they don't find women like that sexy … do they? “Christmas Party Confidential” is the second annual installment in J. Morgan Woodall’s holiday themed erotica, “Tale’s from The Naughty List.” This year’s offering not only includes the feature story, but also includes a special bonus tale, “The Gift from Hell,” by Tanya Leigh, as well as last year’s initial story, “The Christmas that Santa Came.” Get three hot stories for the price of one and put a little extra cream in your eggnog this year!

Throw a log on the fire! Pour some eggnog! And get ready to read a erotic holiday romp that'll have you looking at the night before Christmas in a whole different light! It's Christmas Eve, and a weary husband is dutifully toiling away, putting together toys for his kids, when he hears a commotion on his roof. When he investigates, he is in for the shock of his life! Not only is Santa's sleigh and eight tiny reindeer perched atop his house, but he quickly discovers Santa doesn't travel alone! It seems the Man in Red has a sexy little helper who accompanies him on his jaunt around the world every Christmas Eve. But is she naughty or nice? He's about to find out! Meanwhile, down below, his sexy little wife has risen from bed, looking for her hubby for their traditional Christmas lovemaking session. But in the darkened living room, with only the lights of the Christmas tree to see by, a case of mistaken identity leads to Santa giving her a present she'll never forget!

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