Southern Born, Southern Bled

Somewhere between “The Sound & The Fury” and “Dark Shadows,” lies the small town of West Fork, Alabama.

Before that night in the fall of ‘89, the scariest things about living in West Fork was the varsity football team not making the playoffs or peaking before eighteen.

Kurt Rodgers, quarterback for the team that was one play away from winning a state championship, had determined two years earlier that wouldn’t happen to him. He would get out and never look back.

Now, after two years of college, Kurt finds himself back home, disappointed and disillusioned. On the very night he returns, a series of bizarre murders begin.

With each sundown, the body count rises. The police are stumped, with no clear motives for the grisly murders. The only thing the victims have in common: their bodies drained of every drop of blood.

Taking a reporter's job with the local newspaper, Kurt delves into the mysterious killings with vigor.

The investigation gives him a chance for adventure, along with the opportunity to antagonize the father whose expectations he’s never lived up to. He has no way of knowing his search for the truth will lead him somewhere he isn’t prepared to go.

His sister Teri has fallen under the spell of a handsome stranger in town, the dashing and debonair Nick LeRoux.

Kurt, however, begins to suspect the romantic and gentlemanly behavior are a sinister façade, masking a dark and malevolent secret. While she sees only Southern charm and rakish good looks, he sees the Devil with a drawl. He doesn’t know just how right he may be.

As he fights to stop the growing evil that threatens his town, he struggles with his own demons, helpless to stop the hypnotic spell that has been placed on his sister. By the time he discovers the terrifying truth, it may already be too late.

It’s a novel inspired by classic Eighties vamp flicks like “Fright Night,” “Near Dark,” and “The Lost Boys,” … when vampires were badass, dressed like rock stars and had swagger.

Journey once more to a nostalgic time, the first trials of adulthood and the bittersweet memories of first love, all set against a backdrop of down-home Southern horror.

Be warned though! Some strolls down Memory Lane should never be taken after dark.

Southern Born, Souther Bled

West Forks

"Southern Born, Southern Bled."

"Red Sundown" The 2nd trailer for my new novel, "Southern Born, Southern Bled."