There’s always a morning after …

When we last saw spacer Tiger Thomas and the anthropomorphic vixen, Amber, they’d found shelter at the home of Tiger’s old flame, Lulah Carter. But dawn has come, and none of their troubles have disappeared. They’re still fugitives on the run, wanted by the law, a family of vengeance-seeking backwoods criminals and worst of all, a relentless bounty hunter, who’s made this all personal.

Tiger knows their only chance is to get out of Huntsville and disappear into the endless black void of space. Unfortunately, his spaceship has been impounded, his trusty Pegasus rocket truck crashed, and it’s only a matter of time before his enemies figure out Lulah was once his lover, putting her and her family in mortal danger.

With time and options running out, Tiger desperately gambles on a far-fetched plan of escape that may be more dangerous than anything he’s faced so far. Around him, the Rocket City is exploding as his adversaries, old and new, driven by greed, revenge and brutality, will stop at nothing to get what they want.

“Rocket City Blues” picks up right where “Fox” left off. It not only continues the story but expands the “SSFC” universe, introducing more characters and broadening both scope and plot. It also provides more insight into the characters you already knew so well from the first book, opening windows into past lives, loves, secrets and tragedies, while maintaining the same level of intense action, smoldering passion and high stakes intrigue. All while building toward another nail-biting climax that’ll leave you asking the same question you asked after “Fox” …

“When’s the next book gonna be out?”

“Rocket City Blues” is the explosive sequel to J. Morgan Woodall’s “Like a Fox on the Run” and the second book in the “Southern Sci-Fi Chronicles” series. Written specifically to be enjoyed by either sex, it’s a blend of swashbuckling action and adventure, passionate romance, entertaining science fiction and blistering sex that blurs lines and spans genres. If you like dystopian futures, shifter romances, space westerns and action suspense, you’ll enjoy “Rocket City Blues.”